Thursday, April 23, 2009

ViziPress Gets Busy with Multimodal Comics

Press release:

(New York, April 22) The first visual storytelling site that combines Graphic Novel and music that will define a new genre of literacy, launches today. Over 20,000 viewers have already previewed its opening collection of titles on ViziPress.com

ViziPress.com combines the elements of infographics, visual narrative and music to deliver fiction and non-fiction narratives online and soon, on iPhones and other smart mobile devices.

"We have learned from the Graphic Novel/Manga World that a new generation of readers needs a high level of visuality with their literacy," says founder, Alan Brody. "The magic in the online version is the music which brings it all together in a compelling way."

ViziPress is launching with 3 titles:
Cigarette Seduction - a non-fiction book on the history and psychology of smoking
Broad on Wall - a racy romp about Wall Street
White Shaka Boy - the story about a New York teen who discovers his inner Zulu and the empire he owns in Africa.

ViziPress will be serializing all these books in "Webisodes" that can be viewed online and by iPhones and other smart phones as well as delivering them in print and digital format.

Business Books
ViziPress will be offering visual renderings of non-fiction business books, complex texts, graphic novels and music storybooks.

About the Music
Each webisode comes with original music from top performers like Jennie Walker and great producers like Tommy Faragher. White Shaka Boy features music by Draztik from the top selling African album, Imbube.

About the Platform
ViziPress is powered by Empressr - an innovative presentation technology platfom that supports full mutimedia features.About the AuthorAlan Brody is a technology impresario and producer of multimedia Graphic Novels.

About ViziPress
ViziPress is the innovative publisher of cutting edge Graphic Novels in print and digital formats. It is also produces the annual Graphica in Education https://www.webmail.utep.edu/exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.graph-ed/.


  • Looksl ike only the first link to this one is working. But, you should be abke to find plenty of information by visiting http://www.vizipress.com

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