Tuesday, April 07, 2009

NCTE 2009

I'll be on the program for the 2009 NCTE national convention. Some of the folks working on my next edited collection, a new colleague from Fordham, and I will be giving a roundtable talking about comics in the contact zone. More information as it develops. I've never been to Philly before, so I'm excited about visiting.


  • Congrats! I will see you there. I'll be on the program twice myself: once for a roundtable on student choice, and then a "regular" session on alternative texts in content area learning (at least that's my end of it; there will be a comics scholar in my session, too!)

    By Blogger Sean, at 1:52 AM  

  • thanks, sean, and congrats. you ever going to send me an update e-mail?

    By Blogger Bucky C., at 9:30 AM  

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